SdK 41: David Petruccelli about International Criminal Policing

The worldwide cooperations of security agencies is not a special post-9/11 feature. One example is the International Criminal Police Organization, now known as Interpol, which was founded in Vienna shortly after the First World War in 1923. The historian David Petruccelli was Visiting Fellow at the IWM and searched the Viennese archives. In his dissertation project he explores the system of international policing that was introduced in the interwar period by focusing on how Interpol, the League of Nations, and various metropolitan and national police forces developed a system of international policing aimed at a range of specific offenses, such as human trafficking, the international drug trade, counterfeiting of currency, and international fraud.

Linklist: Intro: Interpol Calling, David Petruccelli, IWM, Yale UniversityInterpol (Wikipedia), League of Nations (Wikipedia), Anarchism (Wikipedia), Johann Schober (Wikipedia), FBIDEAHaus-, Hof- und Staatsarchiv; Österreichisches StaatsarchivZotero

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